Friday, 5 July 2013

Silver Die-Cut and Embossed Flowers - Instructions

Many of Crafty Capers' customers have asked how I made the pink, silver and white card on display in the shop near the Spellbinders dies. *Note - my own dies differ from the set used in the shop.

Die-cutting Techniques for Pink and Silver Die-cut Flowers Card
Requirements - In addition to the pink and silver cardstock and Spellbinder dies, you will want
  • Post-it notes
  • Waxed lunch wrap
  • Baking paper

Die-cutting Basics
For dies with narrow or intricate areas, we have found best results using
  1. a layer of waxed lunch wrap against the cutting edge of the Spellbinder die,
  2. a layer of baking paper over the waxed lunch wrap
  3. your cardstock (textured side towards baking paper)
Assess your die-cut from behind after the first run through the BigShot (or Cuttlebug). If necessary move to another area on the plate and re-run through machine. Repeat if reqired. (If you have seen 'Madagascar' think like a lemur - "I like to move it, move it").

Note from Jill  - I use a BigShot die-cutting machine at work and at home.  If you are using a Cuttlebug check manufacturer's instructions for plate combinations and no. of rubber mat/s used for embossing.

Use sample die-cut shapes to design your layout.

Use the sticky part of a Post-it Note to anchor the die in place for the first cut on the pink card. I have left the layers of lunch wrap and baking paper inside the die from when I cut my sample shapes and they are kept in place throughout the cutting stages on this card.

Run pink layer with attached die through the die-cutting machine.
Reposition the die, adhere with a Post-it note and run layer through machine again.

Apply double-sided tape to back of pink layer. 
Adhere pink layer to silver layer.

Re-seat the die in the first cut-out area of the pink layer and adhere firmly with a Post-it note.
Place this layer face down on the Multipurpose platform. The smooth surface of the die will be against the platform.

 Lay rubber embossing mats over the back of the silver layer (It looks white on photo).

 Add the three thicknesses of card as a shim, and ONE acrylic plate. Run this through the BigShot to emboss first flower on silver layer.

Reposition the die over the second (unembossed) cut-out area on the pink layer and adhere firmly with a Post-it note.

Place layer face down on Multipurpose platform.The sample shape on photo indicates where the die is underneath this layer.

 Lay the rubber embossing mats ONLY over the area with the metal die under it.
 Add card shim and ONE acrylic plate only over rubber mats, and run through the machine
.Remove die and adhere ribbon across the layer adhering the ends behind the layer.

Complete your card by adding a bow and adhering to a white card base.