Hints and Tips

Hints will be in no particular order. I'll simply post them as they pop into my mind or as they are encountered at work or at play.

1). Wondertape - my new favourite adhesive. Great for sticking slippery stuff to other slippery stuff. Today's example was adhering shiny Kaisercraft Collectable tags to shiny Bazzill Bling. Worked a treat. Also a great substitute for 'snot dots' (aka sticky dots by those of a squeamish disposition).

2). At last - another tip! Your camera (or phone) - If you have spent ages shifting things around to get that perfectly balance card front, take a photo of it before you start to lift things to add your adhesives. That way you can refer to the shot and put things back exactly where you wanted them. (And yes Natalie .. I can still hear you saying "Just stick it down." 😉 )

3). Check the back - of that 12" x 12" piece of card you are cutting into card bases. Yes I have just cut my Kaisercraft card stock and yes that branding strip is now a feature on the inside of one of my two card.  bases. Grrrr. Bazzill is another brand that has these strips.

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