Monday, 21 January 2013

Pen Storage

A number of our customers have asked how we store our Spectrum Noir pens. I thought I'd share my low cost storage system:
I have used a box (Artwrap 210mm x310mm x130mm) which I was given. This is not quite large enough for the full 168 pens but it works for now. I cut it so one long side drops open and put a frame of coverboard 'shelves' inside. I also kept the plastic 'trays' from the 12 starter packs and trimmed them to use as pull out shelves for the top layers:

The box closes for travel thus:

I have my warm and cool greys in one 24-set box and my turquoises and blue-greys in the other.

The box sits on a top shelf of my desk open and ready for use thus. The turquoise pack sits in a gap behind the tan and gold-brown pens. An empty 24-set box keeps the other pens pushed forward (shown more clearly in second photo). The greys go on top. Note that all pens are horizontal.

If you are wondering about the elastic band around the TN7 (in the second photo) - it is a visual reminder that this pen is overfilled and that I need a paper towel handy when I'm using it! The protruding pen here is my Memento Tuxedo Black ink pen.

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