Wednesday, 19 March 2014

And you thought I was obsessive!

 My students tease me about being OCD in regard to having things straight. The following was in this week's Splitcoaststampers email link:

"When I make a card I try to get all elements straight, but when I am done they are a little off. I mostly see it when I take a picture for my files. Is there a way to get it straight every time? I want to someday sell my cards and I can't if they continue to be off."
A: For me, rather than using adhesive that's stuck and done, I use Tacky Glue to assemble my cards - the glue gives me just a little bit of wiggle room if my initial placement isn't just right. It might also help to work on a gridded surface, or use a laser level to help you keep things aligned. 

Surely the woman giving this advice is taking the mickey?? 

5 minutes later - after searching the forum:

They actually do make laser levels for cardmaking and scrapbooking - I am gobsmacked!! NO I DO NOT WANT ONE!!

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