Wednesday, 23 August 2017


After a brilliant Brainstorming Workshop with Wilna at Frendz I have had a chance to play.
Using my GoPress & Foil machine, I made this card.

I first used the Anna Griffin Thorny Branches Hotfoil stamp and silver foil.

 I then printed the wording as follows:

  • GoPress&Foil platform (heated)
  • Metal Shim
  • Paper layer (that already has the silver branches on it) placed face up
  • Purple Foil (cut to the size of the chipboard word)  placed pretty side up onto paper layer
  • Chipboard wording with the right side up onto the paper layer
These photos go through the steps mentioned above ... I have used 'Thank You' instead of Happy Birthday as I need a thank you card!

Platform with hotfoil stamp, foil and paper. Over this goes my shim - for me a thin card layer from a muesli bar box and a thick card layer from a Lauke bread mix box. Close lid, heat, and wind s l o w l y through my BigShot.
This shows the chipboard wording resting on the foiled layer as I work out the placement. Before putting this onto the heated metal shim I insert the Phantom Purple foil piece under the wording, and remove the metal die you see framing the piece. 
Hopefully here you can see the metal shim, with the paper, foil and chipboard word inside the platform. Once the light has returned to green I wait about 30 seconds then run (or maybe I should say walk - slowly) it through the BigShot - no extra shims.
The layer after it has been through the BigShot.
Preparing to die-cut two butterflies. Two strips of 12mm double-sided tape (Ultimate Crafts DieCut'NBond is better but I have none)
Die-cut two butterflies, poke out all the 'bits', peel off the backing from the adhesive layer and press scraps of  Phantom Purple foil over it until all the adhesive parts are covered.
I will add a photo of the finished 'Thank You card' shortly. 
If anyone is interested in how the frame was done please ask in the comments and I will add photos of those steps. It is done using a Lawn Fawn Outside In Stitched Rectangle die, embossed onto a pre-cut matte silver card frame piece.

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